Second Hand Re-usable Generator Spare Parts for Sale


We are supplying all makes and brands second hand spare parts for generators

The listed spares are in available in stock

Cummins Diesel engine piston. permanent mold c...

Cummins Diesel engine piston. permanent mold casting (AE) / gravity die casting (BE), machined. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




CAT 3412 DISTA Engine Nr.:9J R00099, 7E 0158, 1500rpm, Alternator, STAMFORD, Type: HC 634 M2, Ref.:NCA-0051, 750kva, 415volts, 50Hz, Nr.:99010051, IS 4722-1992.
CAT 3412 DICTTA 449kw/602hp, 1500rpm, Sr.:5AG01072, Arrang. Nr.:81531855,
CAT 3412 Sr.:81Z02846, Arrang.:1W9596, 755kw, 1800rpm, Alternator:AVK-Germany, Type:D1DB 100/625-625kva, 4, 450/260Y, 60Hz, 802Amps., Ne.:5437979
CAT 3512 1200bhp,
DAIHATSU DSb-22 900rpm, 7800kgs, Alternator:Shinko, 675kva
DEUTZ BM-8M-528 720rpm, 700kva, 60Hz.
DEUTZ BA-6-M-528 600hp, 720rpm, Nr.:4925730. Only engines.
CUMMINS NT-588 310 HP at 2100 RPM. Each engine has been fully remanufactured to a very high standard and is supplied with a Dynometer Test Certificate issued by a Cummins approved dealer. This small cam 14 litre engine has the same bore (140x152mm stroke) as the Cummins Big Cam 14 Litre engine.
Fiat GMT BL 230.8.P 1015kw, 720giri, 1659matric, Anno:1988
Pielstic 6PA6L280 Without name plate
SKL 8NVD36-1/SSED569-12 Crankshaft, Engine Nr.:67.6420-307100892/67.6421-307100893, 320kba, 500rpm, Nr.:32263915, 1971
SCANIA DSC 1403 Variant:L 07, Nr.:5542365
SULZER ZL 40/48 C. R. Bearing
SULZER ZL 40/48 Main Bearing
H. Cegielski Pozman-Polska 6AL25/30 1030hp, Nr.:778, 1981.
MAN B & W 7L 23/30 945kw, 750rpm, 1125kva, 50Hz, 400volts, 1992
B & W 6-26MTBH40-4 1080bhp, Complete engine
B & W 6-23-LH Complete engine Spares
B & W 5-23-HH Complete engine Spares
I.H.I. TCM-24D III I.H.I. Marine Control Systems for Diesel Engine, Model :TCM-24D III, IV, V, Type :PLB-SC 8, Phneumatic Logic Box, No:3188, 1981, 97kgs, Nippon Air Brake Co.Ltd., No-1274, 1981.

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