Used Boat Engines for Sale (Inboard Engines)

Available in stock

Inboard Boat Engines | Used

Removed from Life Boat of Ships and are in excellent condition. The life boats on ships are rarely used and the boat engines are almost new and running condition.

These boat engines are available with or without propeller shaft, starter, propeller etc. Currently we have below engines in stock



HP : 7.5

RPM : 3200


Currently we have 3 units of this boat engine in stock

Mitsubishi Daiya Boat Engine

HP : 35

RPM : 1800

Currently available 1 Unit in stock.






Check YouTube Clips in below Video of Boat Engines


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  3. farooq · · Reply

    hey, am looking for yanmar 2t 2 cylinder boat engine complete with gearbox of japan not uk. Simple i want yanmar specified for africa hot weather. What can be the cost am in kenya

    1. Mr. Farooq we have currently in stock SV8A Yanmar inboard boat engine of 7.5 HP with shaft tube and propeller available in stock.

  4. how much for the diaya diesel?


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