Boat Diesel Engines | Yanmar SV8A

Inboard Boat Diesel Engines for Sale

Used Reconditioned

In excellent working condition

Complete, with or without gear box, propeller shaft and propeller.Boat Engine Yanmar SV 8a

We source and supply boat engine (inboard) engines These engines are removed from life boats of ships which are dismantled at ship breaking yards in India. The boat engines are almost new as the life boats on ships are rarely used and almost equal to new. We are sourcing and supply in very competitive and cheap prices.

Presently regularly available are Yanmar Boat engines, Mitsubishi Boat Engines, Deutz Boat Engines, Diahatsu Boat Engines of 7.5 HP, 10 HP, 28 HP , 35 Hp etc.

For more details, do contact us.


  1. I just got done stripping down a 73 Stamas Cuddy Cabin. That too had an inboard motor originally. I still have parts from the boat for sale at

  2. ahmed Ziran · · Reply

    what is the price of this ingine
    and can it be ship to Maldives

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