CAT 3412 | Caterpillar Motor for Sale

Used Caterpillar 3412 for Sale

This caterpillar motor was removed from ship and is in excellent working condition. The caterpillar 3412 marine and industrial engine are available in stock for sale.

The caterpillar marine motor is of 1800 RPM diesel engine and is a complete generator of 625 KVA. On demand only caterpillar motor can be supplied to the customer.

CAT 3412 Motor Engine

Used Caterpillar Engine

The used caterpillar industrial motor is a complete generator of 1500 RPM and 500 KVA. On demand, only engine also can be supplied.

CAT 3412 Marine Engine

Used Caterpillar Motor

Pictures of actual used caterpillar motor is displayed. the supply offer is subjected to being unsold. Customers looking for used caterpillar marine motors and used marine generators contact us for stock availability.

Industrial used caterpillar generators are available with and without canopy. Contact us for price and more details.

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