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2nd Hand Ship Spare Parts Supply

Used Recondition spare parts for suppliers. We supply all type used recondition complete marine auxiliary engines and spares. Also specialized in supplying spares for ship main engine as well as other major equipment of deck and engine room

MAN B&W 23/30 Spares

Used / Unused and Recondition Spare Parts available. Make : MAN B&W 23/30 In stock and for sale. Almost all major parts for the engine available in stock. Unused parts sourced from ship recycling yards and from stores of ship, are now available for sale. We are interested in selling on lump sum basis entire […]

Blackstone ESL 6 spares parts for sale / Used

Blackstone motor / engine spare parts available in stock and for sale Used and in reusbale condition We source and supply used reconditioned spare parts for Blackstone ESL 6 motor engines. These spares are original guaranteed and reconditioned by skilled engineers. We supply standard size spare parts with exact match For all your requirements for […]

Wartsila 46 / VASA 6L46 spare parts

  Wartsila 46 VASA 6L46 Used spare parts for sale Complete engine and generator for sale. We source used Wartsila 6L46 VASA generators and used spare parts from ship recycling yards and supply to our customer. The Wartsila engines and spare pars are fully tested before supplying to valued clients across the world. Presently available […]

ABB VTR 202-2 Turbocharger for sale

  Unused Turbocharger for sale ABB VTR 202-2 We presently can supply you with turbocharger ABB VTR 202-2 in unused condition and ready to dispatch. Subjected to being unsold.Contact us for price, pictures and delivery terms. Call us now at :+91-9745527006 (on whatsapp also)  

Yanmar M200 / M220 used spares for sale

Yanmar M200 and Yanmar M220 Used spare parts for sale We supply all major used and reconditioned pars forYanmarM200 andYanmarM220 engines.Presently available in stock following spare parts for Yanmar M200 and Yanmar M220 Connecting Rods Cylinder head Valves Fuel pump Crankshaft Pistons Subjected to being unsold Interested buyers do contact us for more details about […]

Yanmat 5 KDL Generator and Auxiliary motor engines

Yanmar Marine Motor Engines and Marine Generators for sale. Available in stock Yanmar 5 KDL marine generator in excellent working condition. The details of the marine genset as below Make : Yanmar Type : 5 KDL RPM : 1200 KVA : 1200 Frequency ; 60 Hz In excellent working condition and reusable marine generator.Interested buyers […]

Cummins KTA 28 for sale

  Cummins KTA 28 Auxiliary motor engines and complete generators for sale Available in stock Cummins KTA 28 generators in excellent work if condition. The censers are running take out from ship at ship breaking yards in India. Reusable Cummins generators. Click below on details for more information on the available Cummins KTA 28 auxiliary […]

CAT 3512

  Caterpillar 3512 DI for sale Available in stock used CAT 3512DI generator for sale. The generator is in excellent working condition and ready for dispatch. Offer is subjected to remain unsold. Click on details below to view full details of the available CAT 3512 genset. Make : Caterpillar Type : 3512 DI RPM : […]

MAK 6M20 \ 1100 KVA Generator for sale

MAK 6M20 Generator and Motor Engine for sale   Used and in running condition running take out from ship.We are supplying used working condition MAK 6M20 motor and generator as per details below Make ; MAK Type : 6M20 kVA : 1100 RPM ; 900 kW: 930 More details can be made available on demand […]

MAN Motor Cylinder Covers for Sale

MAN MOTOR CYLINDER COVERS AVAILABLE IN STOCK AND FOR SALE KZ 52/105E, KSZ 52/105 CL KZ 70/120E, KSZ 70/125 A KZ 86/160E, KSZ 70/125 BContact us now for more details on price and other details. Subjected to being unsold

Reconditioned Oil Separators / Centrifuge / oil purifier

Alfa Laval Centrifuge / Oil Separator   We are supplier of used reconditioned Alfa Laval purifiers removed from ship Available Model: ALFA LAVAL MAB 103; ALFA LAVAL MAB 104; ALFA LAVAL MAB 204; ALFA LAVAL MAB 205; ALFA LAVAL MAB 206; ALFA LAVAL MAPX 204; ALFA LAVAL MAPX 205; ALFA LAVAL MAPX 207; ALFA LAVAL […]

600 HP Cummins Propulsion Engine

  Marine Propulsion Engines for sale Used and in excellent working condition unused marine propulsion engines for sale.It’s a unused Cummins propulsion engine and presently 2 units available in stock Details of the availablecummins propulsion engine is as belowMake : Cummins Type : QSX15 HP : 600 RPM : 2100 More details available on demand […]

CAT 3412

  Caterpillar 3412 Propulsion engines for sale with and without gearbox. The engines are in excellent working condition and are running take out from vessels. Required top to end servicing is done and the engines are in fully in working condition. Details of the engine as belowMake : Caterpillar Type : 3412 RPM : 1800 […]