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CAT 3512

  Caterpillar 3512 DI for sale Available in stock used CAT 3512DI generator for sale. The generator is in excellent working condition and ready for dispatch. Offer is subjected to remain unsold. Click on details below to view full details of the available CAT 3512 genset. Make : Caterpillar Type : 3512 DI RPM : […]

600 HP Cummins Propulsion Engine

  Marine Propulsion Engines for sale Used and in excellent working condition unused marine propulsion engines for sale.It’s a unused Cummins propulsion engine and presently 2 units available in stock Details of the availablecummins propulsion engine is as belowMake : Cummins Type : QSX15 HP : 600 RPM : 2100 More details available on demand […]

CAT 3412

  Caterpillar 3412 Propulsion engines for sale with and without gearbox. The engines are in excellent working condition and are running take out from vessels. Required top to end servicing is done and the engines are in fully in working condition. Details of the engine as belowMake : Caterpillar Type : 3412 RPM : 1800 […]

CAT 3408

Caterpillar 3408   Used caterpillar auxiliary motor engine and generators available in stock and for sale.In excellent working condition and its a running take put from ship at ship dismantling yards. CAT 3408 ENGINE SPECS     Make :CaterpillarType : 3408RPM ; 1800 KVA : 350 HP: 470 Location : India       For […]

380 KVA Generator

USED CATERPILLAR 3406 GENERATOR FOR SALE 380 KVA generator is in excellent working condition Open generator (without canopy) ready to dispatch original condition. The 380 KVA generator is fully tested and if required inspection and load test can be provided to buyer or his representatives. Interested buyers do contact us for more details on price […]

2000 KVA Generator for sale

CATERPILLAR 3516 2000 KVA GENERATOR FOR SALE USED AND IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION COMPLETE GENERATOR IN RUNNING CONDITION Available in stock 2000 KVA generator set in excellent running condition. The generator is of make Caterpillar 3516 and is a running take out from ship. We source and supply used generators from ship recycling yards. The […]

CAT 3306 for sale

CATERPILLAR 3306 ENGINE MOTOR FOR SALE CATERPILLAR 3306 MARINE GENERATOR FOR SALE We supply used CAT 3306 marine motor engines and marine generators which are in excellent working condition. The engines and generators of caterpillar make are sourced from various ship breaking yards and ship repair yards. All caterpillar 3306 make motor engines and marine […]

CAT D398 turbocharger for sale

CATERPILLAR D398 SPARE PARTS FOR SALE Available CAT D398 turbocharger in stock and is for sale. Used reconditioned turbocharger for CAT D398 engines and is a exact match and replacement part as its a OEM part which is reconditioned by skilled professional engineers Interested buyers do contact us for price and availability

Caterpillar Marine Engines in UK

CATERPILLAR MARINE ENGINES FOR SALE We supply second hand used Caterpillar Marine Engines and Marine Generators sourced from ship recycling yards in India. These gensets and engines are in excellent working condition and available in all models / types. Required Servicing and repair of any damage or any other inframe or outframe work is handled […]

Used Caterpillar 3306 | Standby Generator 145 Kw and 181 KVA

Caterpillar 3306 Generator set 50 Hz 1500 RPM Used and in excellent running condition

500 HP Yanmar propulsion engine with gearbox for sale

Yanmar Propulsion Engine and Gearbox:Marine Engines, Marine Generators, Ship Spares.   Available in stock, Yanmar 8LAA marine propulsion engine in stock and for sale With gearbox ratio 4:1 contact is for more details Used and in excellent working condition, complete propulsion engine ideal for boats and barges. Subjected to being unsold.

Yanmar Marine Engine with Gearbox for Sale | Used Boat Engines

Raghu R Naik’s insight: Yanmar 6N 165 ENUsed Marine Engine with gearbox available in stock and for saleSubjected to being unsoldContact us for more details on price and delivery time

Marine Engines, Marine Generators, Spare Parts | Sales and Services

Used Marine Engines,Auxiliary Engine,Used Marine Engine Spares, Caterpillar,Wartsila,Sulzer,Mitsubishi,Yanmar,MAK,Daihatsu,B&W,Detroit,Bergen (A potato done the right way….mmmmmm #potato #baked…

Caterpillar Fuel Injectors for Sale | Marine Engines, Marine …

Caterpillar Fuel Injectors for Sale. Caterpillar fuel injectors available in stock and are for sale. We supply unused (never used) and used reconditioned fuel injectors for Caterpillar Engines and Auxiliary engines.

Caterpillar 3408 Cylinder Block for sale

Used Cylinder block for sale Available in stock and details are as following Make : CAT Type : 3408 Condition : Used   The part was recovered from dismantling of running used caterpillar diesel engine. Interested clients do contact us Subjected to being unsold             Related articles Used Reconditioned Cylinder […]

CAT 3456, 455KVA, 1500 RPM, Diesel Generator for Sale | Marine Engines, Marine Generators, Spare Parts

CAT 3456, 455KVA, 1500 RPM, Diesel Generator for Sale | Marine Engines, Marine Generators, Spare Parts.   Used Caterpillar 3456 Diesel Generator for sale This used Caterpillar Diesel Generator was removed from ship and is in excellent working condition. On demand only, we can supply only engine also. For more details and price, do contact […]

Used Caterpillar Diesel Generator for Sale | C-18 / KVA 635 with canopy

  Caterpillar C-18  Diesel Generator for Sale The generator was used as standby Industrial generator. Condition Used and in excellent working condition The details available are as below Make : CATERPILLAR Type / Model : C-18 Year of Mfg : 2006 KVA : 635 RPM : 1500 Canopy : Yes original canopy Subjected to being […]